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Welcome to Next Exit!

This site was founded by a frustrated traveler - tired of passing by the cheap gas exits, and being hungry when no food exits are nearby.

Did you ever wonder why, when traveling on the highway, some exits have competitive gas prices or inexpensive lodging while others are downright outrageous? Did you ever notice that you pass the exits with good food when you're not hungry and then when you have a craving for that special lunch treat, you can't find your favorite restaurant?

Welcome to! We've cataloged all the restaurants, gas stations and hotels along our nations highways. With the help of drivers like you, is kept up to date, unlike printed travel guides, maps and the like. And best of all - it's all FREE! Before you venture onto the highway, be sure to visit to print a trip guide tailored to your journey.

Save on Gas

With fuel prices skyrocketing, Americans are even more concerned about being ripped-off at the pump. Do you think there is much difference between the quality of gas at different gas stations? What would cause gas to be 20 cents higher from one exit to the next, even for the same brand of fuel? highlights the heroes and condemns the crooks with it's live on-line price rating along the entire U.S. interstate highway system.

Find Your Favorite Eats along the Way

Have a hankerin' for something different? Not sure you can handle another cheeseburger? shows all the chain restaurants as well as local favorites, every last one of them. Whether you're looking for your favorite standby, or that regional chain that you grew up with, but is not available where you live now, you'll find it with

Find the Best Deals on a Good Night's Sleep

Don't trust billboards along the road to find a good place to put down for the night. Locate your favorite chain hotel, or find out what other users have to say about the hotels near your temporary destination.

But That's Not All

Need to do a bit more shopping than the gas station convenience store has to offer? How about a place to plop down with WIFI for a few minutes? will show you the WIFI locations, department stores and grocery stores along the way. And forget about those misleading highway signs that lead you well off the highway into who-knows-what.

Welcome to!

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